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Charles Schneider has spent his life exploring the realms of the fantastical, weird and macabre with a mercurial, sometimes, comedic twist. 


Schneider's film and video work is filled with darkly playful, sometimes disturbing visions of odd dreamlike places. He is presently developing an apocalyptic, mythological horror film and an epic children's fantasy movie.


His oil paintings match this decadently playful aesthetic. For these reasons, he was chosen to paint the "death portraits" in the feature film Art School Confidential.


His horror stories and poems are appreciated by connoisseurs of strange literature.The Mauve Embellishments, a collection of stories and art published several years ago by Ex Occidente Press in Bucharest,  Is a highly prized item which has driven several collectors nearly insane attempting to find. New short stories, novellas and art continue to pour out of his pen published in deluxe, limited editions....often by Zagava Press in Germany,  Egaeus Press in England and Ex Occidente in Romania.


He has also edited books about obscure and forgotten aspects of popular culture, such as "Burlesque Paraphernalia" published by Fantagraphics Books. This work combines his interest and pursuit of the art of magic with esoteric mysticism.

Acting Credits

2018, Phantoms of the Holbrooke, "George Perkins"

2013, Saint Bernard, "Angry Motorist"
2008, Parasomnia, "Alleyway Gun Dealer"
2007, Zodiac, "Cabbie / Paul Stine"
2007, Viva, "Party Wit / Waiter / The God Pan"
2007, The Devil's Muse, "The Mesmerist"

2006, Night of the Dead: Leben Tod, "Autopsy Ghoul"
2005, White Nights, "Sketch Artist"

2005, Shapeshifter, "The Father"

2005, Dead Men Walking, "Reverend"

2005, Alien Abduction, "Science Officer Arks"

2004, Blood Dancers, "Hovik"

2001, Ghost World, "Joey McCobb"

2000, Ascension, "Mover #2"

1996, Zarkorr! The Invader, "Arthur"

1993, Tombstone, "Professor Gilman"

1989, Bride of Re-Animator, "Crypt Creature"

1988, Lifted, "Impatient Man"

1986, Crime Story, "Valet"

1976, It Took Guts, "The Eater"

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